Friends of Jesus – A special Sunday

It was exciting to finally be back on the road and to minister in person after a long time of Covid restrictions.

The Friends of Jesus Community have been friends of Voice in the City for many years and everytime we visit, we sense the presence of the Holy Spirit. We loved to see how the community serves the Ukraine refugees and how many of them attended the service. What a special Sunday!

Gayle’s sermon, conducted in German, was translated into Russian, and many hearts were touched.

Jesus is not interested that we come and sit in the same chair Sunday after Sunday, and listen to the sermon. He is interested in our growth. This “growth” often happens when we walk through a valley, but the moment we face difficulty we often pray one of these two prayers – we either pray, “Please take the problem away from me,” or “Please take me away from the problem.” Often these prayers are not answered because God wants us to go through the valley so that we can truly taste and see that He is good – in His provision, His help, His presence and His spirit.

This message on identity and faith was prophetic for the times we live in and was well received. Many came forward to receive prayer and restoration.

We are so grateful for what God did on this day. View the full sermon below.