Dunamis International Family Church, South Africa

On Sunday morning 24th September 2017, Gayle ministered a powerful message on ‘How we can reaffirm the promises and principles of God in our lives’ at Dunamis International Family Church.

She spoke about the importance of giving room for the Holy Spirit to lead and direct us, and that Holy Spirit cannot lead, guide and direct us if we do not believe God is with us, and if we shut Him out.

When we reaffirm God’s presence and His promises, we open a realm of the spirit where only God can take us through.

She also spoke about not giving into temptation or becoming passive in challenging times instead of pushing through to fulfil the call of God on our lives. And the importance of not over-interpreting what God has said to us, or is doing in our lives, and we end up paralysing our faith.

We need to realise that Satan will try everything he can to get us off-track. When we feel that what we do is not seen by others, we need to put our focus on Jesus and ensure that all we do is as unto Jesus, who sees everything.

Gayle also shared her testimony.

The service was well-attended and many responded to the altar call for salvation, and to reaffirm the promises and principles of God in their lives.