Bless Wales 2023

Written by Dr Gayle Claxton

Day 1

Suzette opening the “Bless Wales 2023” conference this morning after a powerful worship time and then Suzette spoke on God restoring the broken link of communication from heaven to earth – the power of the declared word into the spirit realm to make things happen.

To bring us by His word back to the Face to Face with God – this face to face is what we know as the presence of God.

We are only a reflection of who God is in us – in the world today – what a challenging message.

A short excerpt into Suzette’s sermon

Day 2

This afternoon Suzette lead an amazing prayer meeting – teaching the people how to pray the word – releasing the creative power of God over the nations – and then bringing them back into the presence of God where their spirits are refreshed.

For over 90 minutes the people were fully active engaging their spirits with the plan of the Holy Spirit – The atmosphere was truly amazing as Scripture was prayed and released!

I truly believe that prayer lives were changed today!

Prayer meeting on day 2

Day 3

Suzette preached a powerful message about God is wanting to do something new – that we have not seen before – this is going to require us to lay down all our religious ideas to allow God to what He wants to!

We pray God send revival but with that we are asking for God to change the people and not us! We will have to die to self to meet with God in the depths of who we are for the sake of transformation!

A powerful message that all need to hear.

A short excerpt into Suzette’s message.