Don’t let your giants ruin your day! Involve Jesus!

by Dr Gayle Claxton

We all have days that are difficult and make us feel stressed or even confused. I would say that this is normal in everyday life, but this does not need to be the ending place of the day!

There are days in past years where I have woken up with a knot in my stomach dreading the day head because of the situation I was in right at that moment. I would rather have put my head under the pillow and slept through it hoping that tomorrow would be different!

The truth is tomorrow would have been the same as today because I need to face my challenges, my difficulties and no it was not easy! Not at all. I also soon learnt that just having a positive confession was also not the only key. So, what can I do? I realised that in order to move forward in life I needed to face my giants – and call on the name of Jesus and stand in a place of worship. So how does the look practically? I got up with my stomach churning – and turned on some worship music and began to worship the Lord, I sang with the music feeling disconnected at the start but very soon, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit minister to me and Faith rose in my heart that I am not facing the giants alone – but I am facing the giants they were still there – but together in the presence and with the power of the Holy Spirit I was able to take a step and move into the day with a new confidence that I am not alone in the battle. I would read the word and fill my fear and doubt filled mind with the promise of the Word – and they would become the strong tower I needed for that day!

We all know that famous song- “Surrounded (Fight my battles)” well that is how I fight mine sometimes for days, sometime only hours but one thing I knew that Jesus and His presence became my place of strength and direction. Where in the day I would receive wisdom how to deal with this situation – wisdom that I do not have in the dread of waking in the morning.

So, life has taught me that Giants are part of Life, but more than that life has taught me that my God is bigger and greater than any Giant if I involved Him in my day! Don’t let your giants ruin your day! Involved Jesus!