What does an honorable life has to do with responsibility?

by Dr Gayle Claxton

You cannot live honorably without avoiding accountability.

What does this mean for us? A question maybe we need to ask ourselves especially when we find ourselves in difficult situations.

These situations arise and could be through our own fault or even because of something beyond our control- however, I have learnt that when situations arise that are difficult and inconvenient and are not of our doing then it is easy to make an “honorable” choice of how we deal with that in what we say and our conscious choice to what and how we tell others.

However, when the situation is of our doing and it is going to make life well let’s say a little bit uncomfortable for us then choosing an honorable way out sometimes seems harder than finding a quick solution to get us out the situation –

So our reaction can often be either a lie, some call it a white lie or a 1/2 truth -an emergency lie but the fact is, it´s not the truth.

Or maybe it is blaming someone or something else to try and shift the pressure from our doing and the avoidance of the possible consequences – whatever it is it will mean we will be accountable for what we say, and/or the pretence we try to bring or even the outright lie!

One thing I tell my self is STOP 🛑 remember whatever you say or do now remember that Holy Spirit is watching and hearing us in what we say or how we present ourselves!

Yes, we are all human and make thousands of mistakes, but the big issue is not to make mistakes but to then not to own the bad choices and attitudes and make an excuse and push it into the “I am human category” and in doing that we then choose a dishonest way trying to avoid the accountability, we should be ready to accept and face with the help of the Holy Spirit –

A lot of heartache, pain and distrust, disrespect and disappointment in relationships at home, work place and even in the church are brought about by not making honorable choices and not facing being accountable and choosing to “wriggle” out of our bad choices which result in the end brings dishonor to us, our family, work place and soon can and may become part of our character!

Remember making a choice means being intentional about the decision. Very rarely are our choices accidental.

Let’s choose no matter how hard to be firstly honorable to the Lord! Then to yourself, family, work colleagues because this produces in us the character of Jesus!
And gives us the advantage of involving the Holy Spirit to help us to be honest in all things and gives Him the right to turn all things for good for those that LOVE him and are called according to HIS purpose.