Suzette in Brugg, Switzerland

Last weekend Suzette ministered in Brugg, Switzerland, at the Gospel Centrum. On Saturday, we heard a strong message about the different altars and Suzette especially emphasized the personal altar. “Don’t we think sometimes: One day when we will have revival, then our whole church will be packed… then my family will really serve God and I will be on fire… – BUT that is like putting the cart before the horse! When I am on fire first, then my family will be touched by that… and when my family is on fire, then part of the church and so on.”

It was a time of deep revelation, we learned a lot and put it into practice. The Word was received deep in the hearts.

On Sunday, Suzette spoke about David’s dream to bring back the Ark to Jerusalem. A dream, deep in David´s heart, which he held on to, even in difficulties. How about us? Do we want to see the Glory of God, but got stuck somewhere? – The Holy Spirit moved deeply and many responded to Suzette´s altar call.

It was a weekend of deep revelation by the Holy Spirit and also full of laughter, especially when Gayle did the book table announcements.
A wonderful place to be. THANK YOU!


Link to audio recording of Ibu Suzette’s preaching:

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