Seminar “Governing Prayer”

From the organiser:

»Heaven reacts to prayer«
Suzette Hattingh is a gift of God for our country and the nations. She does not only pray, but lives prayer in the dimension of power and breakthrough. It’s a great privilege to have her with us in Lüdenscheid, to learn from her and to be trained by her. This seminar will give you an understanding about how to pray and to reign with God. For Suzette it is not unusual to experience that heaven reacts to prayer – on a personal level as well as in respect of cities and nations. Be ignited by the fire of God and experience that prayer transforms your life, your family and our country. As someone who incorporates prayer as a deep foundation in your life, you can move more for your country than the mighty ones in politics, economics and society. Beyond that Suzette is a woman of God, who is familiar with the intimacy and seclusion, the proximity to the Father and His love. Come into a deeper intimacy with the Holy Spirit through her teachings and prayers – deeper than you have known it so far – and discover your calling as a king and priest in prayer.