Discovery – “Survival” or “Victory” mode?

Have you ever been in a place of desperation, confusion or disappointment because of matters you cannot change in your life? It seems that all avenues of change escape you and things don’t make sense anymore. Perhaps a change looks so far off. It may be your finances, relationships, work, health or even your own identity in a world that causes you to want to jump ship!

Well, you are not alone! And this is nothing new! Even in the days of Jesus these were very real challenges that people had to deal with. However, there is a HOPE that can bring us from “survival mode” into a place of “Victory!”

Join us on Tuesday, the 24th of August 2o21, and find the key in scripture as Rev. Gayle Claxton unpacks some biblical truths that have the power to transform your life! You will change from being simply a survivor to a Victor in Jesus!


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