AFM National Conference in Capetown

I was honoured to ministered amongst these men, surely most of them better preachers than me. But I think they heard about different aspects of prayer, maybe even from a different perspective. I was told that it was the first time they allowed a WOMAN to preach at their national conference! I am deeply humbled and very thankful for being given this opportunity and being met with such trust. I do think God moved powerfully today for His Glory.

I was truly exhausted when I finished the second session, but it felt to me as if the Lord moved even stronger today with the power of the Word!

When I made an altar call I was absolutely amazed to watch at least 95% of the congregation coming forward! Men and women wept before the Lord! Oh, the need of hearts before the Lord when the Holy Spirit touches and convicts us! Wow this deeply moved my heart!

Although I was drained, your prayers and God’s grace carried me through, especially if you consider that I started the tour and preaching on August 23rd already. This was the last meeting of my South Africa tour!