The Double Anointing

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Want to learn how to flow in an equal anointing regardless if you are a preacher before thousands or a humble coffee server at your local church? These days over 90% of intercession involves Christians speaking to God on behalf of a problem, but how often do we then turn around and speak to the problem on behalf of God?

In this two-part series Suzette will teach you prayer that can impact the spirit realm and bring change to your life. This teaching is not just for the intercession team, but to anyone who wants to live a true lifestyle of prayer. Suzette will show you how to live a balanced life as kings and priests before God, where we can impact entire nations right from the privacy of our bedrooms.

In this teaching you will learn:
1. The importance of standing in the gap.
2. The level of authority that God has given our prayers
3. What it truly means to be part-takers of the heavenly calling.
4. The true meaning of worship.
5. Understanding the power of God’s Word and how much authority it contains.

The Double Anointing will encourage you to step out in faith and learn to speak out words that contain just as much authority as if they came out of God’s own mouth.


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