Prayer with a Difference


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Shortly before Jesus went to the cross, what was the one thing that the disciples wanted to learn from Him above all else? It wasn’t how to turn water into wine or how to walk on water, but how to pray.
In this teaching, Suzette will show you a way she personally prays that she finds extremely effective. Suzette will teach you how to have a prayer life that makes a difference, and bring refreshment to your spiritual walk. This series is for you if you are new in the Lord or even if you have been walking with the Lord for a long time and want to move into deeper dimensions with God.

In this series you will learn:
1. Tips and advice for living an active and significant prayer life.
2. The significance of the tabernacle for the modern Christian.
3. The privileged we have with Christ as our advocate.
4. The power of our words, even when we are not praying.
5. How to pray from the Holy of Holies.
6. How to fellowship with the attributes of the Trinity.
7. What it means to pray as an equal partner of God.
8. What it means to be a true worshipper.
9. How to pray with the heart of the Father.
10. How God deals with us through our prayers to form us into the character of Christ.

Remember that the level to which you press into God is the level that we reach out in our spiritual authority.

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1 x Prayer with a Difference – Part I, II & III [DVD]
1 x Prayer with a Difference – Part I, II & III [Video Download]

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