Bible Course: Transformation 5 – Jesus, the “I am.”


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Rev. Gayle Claxton explores the liberating truths behind the “I am” statements Jesus made throughout His walk on earth. What was the purpose of these profound statements and how do they still impact our lives today?

“What you do with Jesus today will be the defining factor of your life tomorrow and for eternity.”

Session 1 – I am the Bread of Life

When Jesus made the statement: “I am the Bread of Life,” it included assurance and provision for eternity. What does this mean? Come learn from John 6 how this statement impacts your walk with God.

Session 2 – I am the Light of the World

There is Way to ensure you never have to walk through darkness by yourself! That way is Jesus! When He said: “I am the Light of the World,” He meant it for every situation that seems dark and hopeless!

Session 3 – I am the Door

Jesus as the Shepherd becomes the “Door” that guards His sheep and leads them to a place of rest! When He said: “I am the Door,” He had the safety and provision of His sheep in mind! Will you walk through “the Door” into His place of peace?

Session 4 – I am the Vine

When Jesus said: “I am the Vine,” He ensured that you have all the nourishment you need to grow and bear good fruit.  How? Come and learn from this powerful teaching by Rev. Gayle Claxton.

Session 5 – I am the Resurrection and Life

Come look at the resurrection of Lazarus from a whole different perspective. Come learn one of the greatest truth taught by Jesus through performing one the greatest miracles.


Session 6 – I am the Way, the Truth and the Life

What did Jesus mean when He said there was no way to the Father except through Him? What seemed to have been a simple statement, reveals everything about Who Jesus is – His character as well as His redeeming work for you and I!


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