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  • The Olympics of Heaven

  • Heaven had a race, earth had a race, yet the final race for your soul is happening even now! This is a powerful teaching for both Christians and the unsaved. This teaching is especially designed for people to make a decision for Christ or even those that might have allowed some coldness of heart and loss of passion in their walk with God.
  • Why God would heal you

  • It does not matter what kind of healing you need, God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He healed and restored people throughout the Old and New Testament and still does today. Based on various powerful testimonies and examples from her ministry and life, Suzette explains why God would heal you.
  • The 6 Altars

  • The Bible mentions 6 altars of prayer: the personal altar, the family altar, the church altar, the city altar, the national and the worldwide altar. What does the flame of God on your personal altar look like? Is it a large flame burning fiercely or just a small flame? Learn how to fan the flame afresh and how God wants to act through your prayers – your personal altar is the place where revival starts.

    English / German simultaneous translation.

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