3 CDs by Dr Rev. Gayle Claxton – bundle sale


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  • Crossing Into Your Destiny

  • With God all things are possible, but surely we all experience setbacks that make us feel as if it is impossible to reach our destiny. In this life-giving teaching, Rev. Gayle Claxton talks about different things that can block you from reaching your full potential and walking in your destiny, and how to overcome them.
  • Turning Your Failures into Success

  • Failure is part of life and none of us are exempt from it. But there is one difference between achievers and average people – their response to failure. Turn your failure into success and be encouraged by the wisdom and honesty of Gayle about her own failures and how to never stop trying.
  • Disciple or Convert?

  • Matthew 28:19 clearly states that we should go and make disciples of all nations. However, there is a difference between a disciple and a convert. In this teaching Rev. Gayle Claxton explores what it means to live out the word of God as a disciple.

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