Legacy Gifting

Voice in the City has partnered with CreateWills and Keynu to make life easier for our appreciated partners.

Legacy Gifting is an effective way to continue supporting the work that we do…even when you are gone!

If you already have a Will, simply click here to download a CODICIL form which you can add as an Addendum to your last Will and Testament.

Remember, a Codicil is only valid if: The document is attached to the original Will, signed, witnessed, and dated. Gifts to charity are exempt from estate duty and may reduce the size of your estate below the relevant tax bracket.

No Will? No problem!

If you wish to leave a legacy gift to Voice in the City, but do not have an updated will, we have partnered with CreateWills to help you effectively and efficiently.

CreateWills has made will writing easy and affordable for everyone. Register with them today to donate £10 to Voice in the City and if you decide to leave a legacy gift to Voice in the City that exceeds the amount of £500, your will writing will be free of charge!

Keylu – an added bonus!

Take the first step towards preserving your legacy

A Keylu account allows you to organise and store your important personal, legal and financial documents along with personal items such as photos and videos in a safe and secure online account. Your Trusted contacts are given access to this account and will be able to access this information when they need it most.

Use Promo code: VITCOZIEEX to receive our partnership discount.