A Childrens Home with a Difference!

You might remember that straight after the Tsunami we collected money for an orphanage in Ache. Not being happy with the agreements offered to us, we wrote a letter to those who had given money explaining that we want to withhold the money from Ache and build an orphanage where the children can grow up with Christian values.

That is now done! Our Children's home can host 100 children as well as a number of pregnant women (young girls from all different kinds of faiths who fall pregnant) who will live there until their babies are born; the only way to save those children's lives. Our youngest there is 3 months old.

suzette hugging girlSoon the building will also be used as a medical centre, so we are not only building an orphanage but a community centre that will minster to the entire area! I have personally reserved myself a bedroom there so I can go and spend time with the children when I am in Indonesia.

We are not the only supporters of this orphanage as our Indonesian representative, Junuis Suhadi, gave the land and some funds for the building.

However, Voice in the City is the main supporter of this particular children's haven. This is a childrens home with a difference when you think that none of these 29 kids would have lived if we had not stepped in; every one of them would have been aborted or killed.

The Lord said, "He puts the lonely amongst families" and that is very true - I do not have my own physical children but I love these children like my own.


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